Lock filetype associations

I want to lock filetype associations at an Opus level.
When I click a doubleclick in Opus I want the Opus definition to override whatever is assigned in the registry or operating system.

Example: These days browsers are hijacking the PDF filetype, particularly chrome and edge.
This is very frustrating because when I doubleclick a PDF file I don't know which app it's going to open in these days.

I even set a file type group with a single file type (.pdf), and I associate double clicking with Acrobat reader and it still opens up in Edge.

Also can icon changes be implemented for file type groups?
Please help.


Left double-click will always override the 'open' action.

I don't know where a PDF File Type Group came from or why.

Shouldn't you be editing the PDF entry under System File Types?

I'm monitoring this, and I'll respond soon.
I created a PDF group to see if that would assist in ensuring that pdfs would open no matter what in acrobat as another layer of assurance.