Lock symbol on file icon?

  1. I downloaded pictures from a camera to my hard drive. In the dopus lister the file icon has a lock on it, and I can't copy the files to another drive. The files have neither read, system, nor hidden attributes set, I have full permission on the files, and I show as the owner, and all similarly for the containing folder. No other program is using the files. In the help I don't see anything about what the lock symbol means.
  2. Possibly related (but probably not), looking at properties of any folder, the "Attributes - Read only" box is blue, even though neither the folder nor the contained files have read only attributes set, and specifically unsetting read only with the File Commands - Set Attributes still doesn't make the box not blue. Is this the intended behavior?

P.S. Astoundingly good responsiveness here by the authors/support team...

Do you see the same icon in Windows Explorer?

If it's the icon I'm thinking of, it comes from Windows itself and not Opus, and it indicates that the item has different file permissions to the folder which contains it.

So the file permissions are probably wrong on the files and/or the folder containing them, causing both the icon and the problem copying the files.