Lock Tab does not move and does not close

I'm using the tabs vertically, and I'm clicking with the right mouse button and choosing the option to lock the Tab, I tested all 3 lock options, but I can still close the Tab, the close button keeps showing up I would like to block the Tab, so you cannot close, move or change the directory.

What the different tab lock states do is described at the bottom of the manual page on folder tabs:


None of the lock states prevent tabs from being closed, but there is a script for that: Acecool Proper Tabs - Prevent closing locked tabs

(We might make something built-in in the future, since a lot of people seem to want it.)


the script blocked so I couldn’t close the tab but I can still move it from position, I would also like to lock the position so I can’t move it.

There's no way to block moving tabs around in the tab bar.

It would be very good to be able to block so that I cannot move the Tab the reason is that if the tab is not blocked from moving the position I can click on another Tab and move it over that other one by changing the position of a tab that is locked.

You could create this functionality in a next version, it would be very important.

Do you mean it's too easy to accidentally drag tabs? Or are you intending to move them, but not realising what's happening at the time?

both can happen.

I can move an unlocked guide over a locked guide and so I changed the position of the guide that was locked and didn't want the position to be changed.
this can be accidentally and it can be due to having too many guides and doing without realizing it.

So if when locking a Guide I fix its position where no other guide is in its place.

Hello, this post of mine is old and you had said about doing something in the future, any position about it
I would really appreciate this option to completely lock a tab

It's still planned but not available yet. Although I don't think we are planning to prevent locked tabs being moved left and right in the tab bar. That's a much more explicit action, as well as easier to undo even if you don't notice you did it for a while, and not something other people have asked to be able to prevent via locking. The planned change is just to prevent closing locked tabs.

It would be like a "Desktop Icon" pointing to a folder where I wouldn't have a way to change it unless I clicked the other mouse button on top of that tab and unlocked it.

I already got some Scripts but nothing can completely block the tab.

it would be a very good thing.

A toolbar button which goes to the folder can be used for that. Just drag a folder to the toolbar while in Customize mode to make one.

But if that works, the folder will be fixed in another place other than the tabs, which would not be interesting.

I don't understand the difficulty in creating a new configuration that completely locks a folder.
You already have a Lock Tabs setting
just create option in Popup menu for complete blocking.

Would be great.

Because it complicates things, and I don't think anyone else has ever asked for it (only for locked tabs to not be closed).

Moving a tab's position is quite an explicit action. What's happening that it happens accidentally so often? Or is an action inserting new tabs that move the locked ones around? If so, I'd rather come up with a way to avoid that. (And we need to understand what's happening to provide a proper solution, since "can't move tabs when locked" to me means "don't let the user drag locked tabs around" but not "also prevent new tabs opening between two locked tabs or left of the leftmost tab if it is locked", which I hadn't even considered until now.)