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Locked default toolbars - can't disable

When I booted my computer today, Dopus suddenly complained that my certificate had expired. This has never happened to me before, but I figure I should comply. So I redownload the certificate I got when I purchased it, and it accepted it.

When I now launched Dopus, it has a couple of default toolbars enabled. No big deal I thought, I'll just disable them and get back to my normal Dopus life.

Unfortunately I cannot seem to disable them. The Menu and Operations toolbar are grayed out, both in the right-click menu, and the Customize > Toolbars menu. See attached screenshot.

Please advice.

That would happen if you've installed a certificate for Opus Light. In Light the default toolbars are non-editable.

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Thanks Jon!
That seems to have been the problem. A shame I didn't realize this before I restored my layout to a 6 month old backup :frowning:

Back to normal at least!

Opus Light worked the same way 6 months ago so if Light is the version you own and have been using then it would not have suddenly changed.

If you've bought both Light and Pro via separate accounts, make sure you're retrieving the correct certificate.

Hi Leo.

I probably used the wrong certificate, yeah. Didn't think I had Light for v.11, only v.12. Confusing mailbox with many certificate e-mails.

I have no memory of the last time the certificate actually expired. Not sure what caused it. Maybe it's supposed to.

Purchased certs never expire. If you have questions about the cert, please email details to us and we'll look into it. (Don't post them publicly.)

Please also link your forum account.

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