Locked State Not Preserved Across Lister Close And Reopen

On my system I have noticed that a single locked tab is not preserved when a lister is closed and reopened. If there is more than one tab, the locked state is preserved. This is true in a single pane lister and also in either pane of a dual lister.

Regards, AB

Confirmed & reported to GPSoftware.

Can't reproduce... I "assume" you've enabled the Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister option...?

If so, would nneed to check what other options you've enabled and some more info on how you open the listers, what sort of navigation you're doing befor eclosing, and what lock states you're using for the tabs... etc.

When I reproduced it I turned on that option, plus the option to always show the folder tabs bar.

Having just one tab which was locked would result in an unlocked tab afterwards. If two or more tabs were open (doesn't matter if they're locked or not) then the lock state is saved correctly.

I suspect Opus is saying "there's only one tab open so don't save any information about folder tabs" in this case, which would've been perfectly valid before the folder-tab lock/rename features were added.

Leo's supplementary description and summary is spot on. I have also reported this to GPSoftware.

Regards, AB

:slight_smile:... I was still writing my reply before I realized you had reproduced and replied Leo.

Weird, I naturally did my quick test exactly the same way, and it worked fine here so I figured I must have been missing a non-obvious detail. I even 'just' upgraded to on the off chance it broke in the current release, but it still works fine for me.

I just bumped up against this again. The locked state of a single locked tab is not retained across lister close and reopen. If there is more than one folder tab then status is retained correctly for all tabs. This is with Opus 9.5.1.

Regards, AB