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Log Out irritant

Is there any way to get rid of the column of things on the right in the following screenshot? The reason I ask is because I always have to use the scrollbar to get to Log Out. A minor irritant to be sure, but a very persistent one.

I realize this is happening because I have Firefox set to
120% magnification for this site, but not doing that would probably be an even larger irritant.

This seems like a bug in Discourse. It's fine for me here on this forum, but on the forum for Discourse itself I see something similar to you, where the menu is too tall for the screen. Maybe a particular profile setting causes it, but I'm not sure.

It's not something in our control really.

There is discussion of something similar in this old Discourse thread, FWIW, but I don't think it got solved.

I'm not sure if zoom is what causes it, but why would you want the page to be zoomed more than the rest of the UI on your screen? Makes sense for sites that force tiny fonts on you, but that doesn't happen with this site. Increasing the system-wide font sizes or DPI might help there.

Is there a reason you don't want to stay logged in?

OK, I won't worry (much) about it. It's not that big a deal.

I think I'm sure that the zoom, if that's the proper term, causes it. Note the 120% in the address bar. If I press Ctrl and -, it becomes 110% and the problem goes away.

I guess I don't remember anymore why I decided I specifically wanted just this site to have text size increased. That's something I can revisit.

I periodically experiment with increasing the system-wide DPI and always conclude that it causes more trouble than it's worth.

Is there a reason I don't want to stay logged in? That's an interesting question. Just habit of always logging out in general, I guess. That's another thing I can consider.

You can set Chrome to delete cookies automatically on a site-by-site basis when it exits. Deleting the cookies would effectively log you out.

OK, thanks for that, but I guess I won't switch from Firefox to Chrome just for this.

FF has the same option, unless they've removed it since I used it.

@Leo One option would be to add the logout button to the menu which is much shorter.

@rcoleman1943 alternatively, if you don't mind playing playing with web code, you could use a tool like violentmonkey (there are addons for Chrome and FF to do this). To edit the page once its downloaded. Or always open the site in private browser mode.

I really don't understand (haven't tried too hard to figure out) what the items in the list represent or what causes them to be created, but coincidentally, I think, the list has become short enough that it doesn't contain a scrollbar at least for now.