Long wait to open a folder of installers (Windows Defender)

Hi there, I am using DO 11.19 x64.

After a reformat recently, I have to wait a long time (>30 sec) whenever I open a folder which is full of app installers (.exe files). There are about 60+ executable files within the main folder with multiple subfolders as well.

I did not encounter this issue before the reformat. Same DO version, same folder as before. During the long wait, DO becomes totally unresponsive. It only happens the first time I open the folder after turning on the PC. Subsequently, the folder loads up quickly.

Please advise how I can speed things up a bit. Thanks in advance.

That is usually caused by Windows Defender, if you are using the anti-virus built in to Windows. It is fairly abysmal, and can cause massive delays when software asks for the icons of large exe installer files. It can affect Explorer and other programs as well as Opus, with lots of threads about it around the web, although the exact behavior can vary from app to app and machine to machine.

A big problem is that it does not cache the results of each scan, so while some antivirus may cause a delay the first time you go to a folder or get the icon for a new file, Windows Defender may cause the delay every single time, even if the files and antivirus signatures have not changed since the last time.

Switching to almost any other antivirus should improve things, if it is that.

Thanks, Leo. Indeed, I am using Windows Defender currently. Previously, I was using Avast Free Antivirus.

Sounds like the culprit alright. Thanks so much for pointing it out.

Best regards.

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