Looking for help for to develop an Amiga/DOpus 5.82 plugin

I know the product I'm trying to get help for is 25 years old, cough.

But maybe somebody here still remembers how to create a plugin for the Amiga version DOpus 5.82 Magellan II.

For my plugin I need two listers, and it is not needed that they are source or destination listers.

I'm looking for a way to:

  • iterate all the files (not just the selected entries)
  • getting informations of these files like size and DateStamp (time_t would be enough, actually)
  • depending on these informations select / de-select / hide files in the lister

I read the docs that I think cover these topics: modules.doc and hooks.doc

But that functionality seems not to be there.

Can anybody help?

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It's been a while, but have a look at compare_source.lha from aminet.net/util/dopus, and the get_s_twice and get_s_and_d functions in there. Looks like the kind of thing you're trying to do.

There's source to some other plugins there which may help with the timestamps, but I'm not sure, since it's been so long.

Thanks for pointing me to that source and these functions. That really helps.

The functions operate on the selected files, whereas I need all files of a list, but I can probably solve this with dc_SendCommand and an ARexx command to select all files beforehand.

Many thanks!