Loop scroll with arrow keys


Is it possible to activate or to add the possibility to scroll infinitely with up and down keys in a folder. The idea is to go to the last line pressing the up key on the first line, and to go to the first pressing down key on the last line.

Could be useful I think.


As an option, why not? Sounds useful to me.

You can do this with the built-in Select NEXT and Select PREV commands, which loop automatically.

Binding them to the cursor up/down keys seems to work, although I'm not sure that doing that makes sense for display modes which show a grid of files (e.g. Thumbnails). You could make the command it runs conditional on the display mode to solve that, or bind them to a separate hotkey so the cursor keys keep their usual meaning.

Please link your account if you need detailed help setting anything up.

Yes I'am using essentially detail mode.
Very simple solution. I have create hotkey with these commands for up and down keys. The problem is then the scroll view is very slow and do not follow selected line quickly enough.
An option I should activate ?

Try these commands:

Select NEXT MAKEVISIBLE=immediate
Select PREV MAKEVISIBLE=immediate

Just fantastic. Many thanks.
Dopus is the best.

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How can I limit the command execution in the lister, not in the tree ? Now, if I focus in the tree and use the key, the key acts in the lister, not anymore in the tree.
I try @if:focus=source and @ifset:focus=source with no success.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is currently a way for a button or script to test if the tree or file display has the focus when it runs.

Maybe we can add one. I'll add it to our list to look into.

Ok. Not a big deal.
Thanks for your answer.

You was write to say it's not make sense for other display mode than details or power one.
I have tried:
@ifset:VIEW=details Go FROMSEL or @ifset VIEW=details Go FROMSEL
@ifset:VIEW=details go up back
with no success.
Do you know what I'm doing wrong ?
Is it possible to combine more than one condition such as VIEW=(details, power) ?

Thanks !

@ifset should be on a separate line to the command(s) that come after it. See the examples in the manual.

What are you actually trying to do? It doesn't look like loop scrolling.

Sorry I have mixed two posts and reply to the wrong post, should be this one:
Open and go back with arrow key

Ok this is working:


Do I have to copy that for each mode or is there a shortcut?


The problem is that arrow keys do not work then in thumbnail mode.
What can I add after:


to recover the normal behavior of arrows (go up, down, left and right) ?

The commands above should work?

But surely it's easier to get used to using Enter/Backspace than to try to change Left/Right arrow keys (which are right next to those keys) to do something in some modes and something else in others, and get used to doing a different thing in different modes?

That's like Dopus, once you have tried... :wink:
Seriously, navigate with only arrows keys to go inside and outside folders is very quick and intuitive!

This is what could be my perfect behavior...

Now I have define:

For left key

go up back
go up back
Select PREV MAKEVISIBLE=immediate

For right key

Select NEXT MAKEVISIBLE=immediate

It's ok for this two ones.

For up key

Select PREV MAKEVISIBLE=immediate

For down key

Select NEXT MAKEVISIBLE=immediate

It's not ok in thumbnail view : can't go up and down in the grid...
So close :grinning:

PS: as you can see, secure screeshots do not blur file display border when define as a static header.

I don't think there are commands to move up/down a row in Thumbnails (etc.) mode, but we might be able to add some.

I've added it to our list.

Thanks Leo.

In the next update you'll be able to use Select NEXT=row to go down a row and Select PREV=row to go up a row.

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In reference to an earlier question in this thread (testing which control has focus); currently, you can do this in a limited way:

@if:set focus=left
// left file display has focus
@if:set focus=tree
// tree has focus

You have to test for specific left/right windows though, there's no way to just see if the file display has focus. In the next update we'll improve this as well, so you'll be able to do:

@if:set focus=filedisplay
// file display has focus

Many thanks to you, I will test that !

I try to implement navigation by arrows like @gilleschapron.

So for exemple I have this command for Up key.

@if:Set VIEW=Details,Power
Select PREV MAKEVISIBLE=immediate
Select PREV=row

Problem, I want normal behavior (up in tree) when focus is on tree so I try to use @if:set focus=filedisplay but multi condition seems to fail.


  • Is there a way to test focus by script (If left file display is active, do this… If tree is activate, do this…) ?
  • Is there a way to test view mode by script (details, thumbnails…) ?