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Loop scroll with arrow keys



Is it possible to activate or to add the possibility to scroll infinitely with up and down keys in a folder. The idea is to go to the last line pressing the up key on the first line, and to go to the first pressing down key on the last line.

Could be useful I think.



As an option, why not? Sounds useful to me.


You can do this with the built-in Select NEXT and Select PREV commands, which loop automatically.

Binding them to the cursor up/down keys seems to work, although I'm not sure that doing that makes sense for display modes which show a grid of files (e.g. Thumbnails). You could make the command it runs conditional on the display mode to solve that, or bind them to a separate hotkey so the cursor keys keep their usual meaning.

Please link your account if you need detailed help setting anything up.


Yes I'am using essentially detail mode.
Very simple solution. I have create hotkey with these commands for up and down keys. The problem is then the scroll view is very slow and do not follow selected line quickly enough.
An option I should activate ?


Try these commands:

Select NEXT MAKEVISIBLE=immediate
Select PREV MAKEVISIBLE=immediate


Just fantastic. Many thanks.
Dopus is the best.