Loosing Focus After Rename Operation (Key-Shortcut)

Since Version 12.3.1 (beta) everytime i do a rename operation by Key-Shortcut the active lister looses focus and the previous Window gets the Focus.

The Key Shortcut is in the form of
@set X={dlgstring|Bla}
Rename TYPE=files NUMBER={$X} BY=1 REGEXP FILEINFO PATTERN "^.s(\d{2}).(\d{2})..(avi|mkv)" TO "{parent2} S\1E\2 - [#] .\3" AUTORENAME

Is there any optional Parameter i could add that prevents this behavior?

I've now switched back to version 12.3.0 that was the last version that work without loosing focus after rename.

Thanks for your help!

Not sure, if it helps in that case, but there is a new setting "rename_default_focus" in -> preferences -> miscellaneous -> advanced, which you could try to toggle.

Thank's for that suggestion. But unfortunately did not help.

Thank you for spotting and reporting this! We can confirm it's a problem introduced in 12.3.1 beta, and we have a fix written which will be part of 12.3.3 beta, probably after Christmas now.

Please stick with 12.3.0 for now if needed. Once 12.3.3 is out, if you still see the problem, please let us know for further investigation.

THANKS! for Fixing this Bug in the latest Beta!

Is this problem fixed yet? I have encountered the same problem.

Yes, it was fixed about seven years ago.

If you're seeing a similar issue, please start a new thread with full details.