Losing previously opened tabs when opening a folder

I have numerous tabs opened in my left and right lister.

If I quit DOpus and launch it again, tabs will reopen as I left them the last time.

If I quit DOpus and click on, for example, "show in folder" in Chrome after download has finished, DOpus will launch and will lose all opened tabs in the left lister, which is insane.

If DOpus crashes, or if DOpus is forcefully quit (for example, over night by Windows Update), or if Windows crashes (I normally have uptimes of 30+ days, after which it's expected that some driver goes mad), I lose all changes to tabs since the last time I quit DOpus.

Note that manually storing my tabs in DOpus isn't a solution as they change daily. You should do what Chrome/Firefox does - continuously save tabs state and restore on the next start.

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Turning on Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Open all Default Lister tabs when opening a new window should fix the first problem.

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I confirm that helped. Too bad you don't have undo when such destructive operation is done. :frowning:

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