Lost advanced ftp & USB export licences after upgrade to version 13


I upgraded to version 13 tonight and just after I upgraded I discover that I have lost my FTP avanced and USB export licences ?
Can you please reactivate these for me ? Or am I supposed to buy these 2 licences again ? Which would be very odd because I already paid for it and I have not been warned at any moment that I would lost these features during the upgrade....

Thank you

Check that you've installed your new Opus 13 certificate and aren't just running off the stock trial certificate.

yes License manager says:
Certificate is valid for installation on a single computer
Upgrade subscription is valid until 31/01/2026

The licence your forum account is linked to is still showing as Opus 12.

Did you upgrade the existing licence, or buy a whole new one?

If you now have two separate licences, one for Opus 12 and one for 13, but didn't intend that, please email sales@gpsoft.com.au with details and they should be able to fix things. (Refer to this forum thread if needed.)

Yes you are right, I have 2 licences but I upgraded the wrong one :frowning:
I will contact ths support to fix things as you suggested.

Thank you.

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Does that mean, when I upgrade my dopus 12 pro licence with ftp and usb to 13, I will have ftp and usb licence activated in 13 too?


Any optional features attached to your licence will carry across to your new licence at no extra charge.

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