Lost Delete hotkey; and is there a list of all the default key assignments?

I don't know how, but I lost the ability to use the delete key to delete a file or folder in a lister. I see a 2018 response by Leo to a similar problem to delete the /dopusdata/ConfigFiles/hotkeys.oxc file, but it doesn't exist. In Settings|Customize toolbars and keys Del only appears in Toolbar:Image Viewer. Suggestions?
(I had been trying to set up Ixp's exiftool, commandremoveempty, and commandclipcopy scripts which I suppose could be involved??)

And in trying to fix this, I thought it would be handy to have a list of all the default key assignments in Dopus 13. Does that exist? TY.

It's part of the default Operations toolbar in Opus 13. If your button is missing the hotkey, replace it with the one from Customize > Default Toolbars to get it.

(Or factory-reset the whole toolbar, if you don't have changes you want to keep. But make a config backup first, just in case you find there was something custom on it which you needed: Settings > Backup & Restore.)

The default Delete button on the Operations toolbar for Opus 13 should look like this when you edit it:

(More for other people than likely to be useful to you: Note that if you install Opus 13 over 12, it may look different and the hotkey may be standalone rather than assigned to the toolbar button, as that's how it was in Opus 12. That's also OK.)

I found why I lost the Delete key: I had customized the buttons on the toolbar, moving just the main operation (e.g., Delete) from the dropdown below the default Delete button up to the toolbar, then deleted the default Delete button (in a misguided effort to simplify the toolbars). I.E., I had the Delete button without the dropdown arrow but not the one with the arrow, so it lost the key association. I'm now fixed up. TY.

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