Lost right click commands

More after reformat, re Win7 64bit.
After several days, DO has lost several right click commands

Only remaining are:

Up One Level

Sort by

Paste Shortcut

New Folder

Command Prompt Here

Why the loss? How add back
SendTo, new text file, ...?

Forgot to mention:
DO ver
and WIN7-Pro 64-bit.

You probably enabled the Option "Hide Windows Items on File Context Menus (Shift overrides)" in Preferences=>Miscellaneous=>Windows Integration.
If so you should see the other entries when you press Shift + Right-Click on a File.

It's possible to have the Windows entries in a submenu:
[url]Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus]

Thanks, you are right. And the shift-rklk is one answer.
However, After unchecking "hide", stopping and restarting DO, original behavior has not been restored.
I can live with shift-rklk, but would like to know more.

Several minutes later, all is back to prior.
Don't understand the delay.
Thanks for your fast help.