Lost The FTP Add-On Payment Receipt for Directory Opus Pro


Last month, I've upgraded my Directory Opus Light licence to Pro Single one. After some consideration, I decided to add a license to activate The Advanced FTP feature. I've received the certificate to activate the feature but somehow I lost (or perhaps, didn't receive) the payment receipt for that.
I've searched my inbox, but what I found is the payment receipt for the upgrade only. I didn't find any receipt for Advanced FTP feature activation.
Can I have it sent to my email address?
Thanks in advance.

You can get it again via here:

Thanks for pointing that out. I've written out my email address in the form but what it gives me is the upgrade invoice, not the add-on purchase one.
I remember it costed approximately 7 AUD (due to Black Friday discount).
Looking through the add-on activation certificate, I manage to find the registration code. But when I entered it in Registration Code field on this page, this is what I got:

And if I try to enter my email address on it, it will send the upgrade invoice (with the amount of 24 AUD) again.
The upgrade and the FTP add-on activation are two separate purchases, and yet I still don't know how to retrieve the receipt for the latter.

There's only one certificate file, which includes everything you've purchased under a given account / email address. If you enter your email address it should email you the latest certificate, and then you just need to install that.

If you buy an add-on, your certificate file is updated and emailed to you (or can be retrieved again via the website) and you just need to install that file.

Glad to know that. But, is there any way to retrieve the receipt for the add-on purchase?

If the receipt email isn't in your spam folder, please contact our sales address to see if they can re-send it.

Details in the first item here: Common purchasing, upgrading and licensing questions

The receipt itself isn't needed to use the add-on, of course. It's just for your records.

I've contacted the sales department to request the receipt.
Now, I have received it.
Thank you so much for your help.
Well, I'd like to suggest that the receipt for add-on purchases such as Advanced FTP or USB drive backup can be requested from Resend Receipt page. The alternative is to provide separate links on My Account page.
Hopefully, it doesn't require to contact Sales Department anymore (and free the department from such tasks).