Loving version 11 but have a suggestion

I'm a long, longgggggggg time supporter of DO and as soon as version 11 was announced, I immediately purchased a 5-pack. Loving the new release but have a suggestion. Honestly, I keep hoping that GPSoftware will do more with DO themes. Yes, I know there is a setting on the menu to pull down user-community themes; but honestly, that never took off and most of what is out there is very, very old. I swore of doing that a couple of years ago after I applied one and it completely screwed up DO so bad that I had to uninstall/reinstall.

I'd like to see GPSoftware include a few pre-made themes (a dark theme would be SO welcomed!) and just do more in this area.

From time to time I release some backgrounds and additional icons for DO. The main reason, why I (and other people) don't offer a theme, is that it could include personal data e.g. used in buttons.

A theme also changes DO completely (I don't know all changes in detail), but because each DO-setup is unique (esp. layout/toolbars/buttons), an "official" themes would only make sense for the default settings. But most people customized DO, so you need to customize every theme again. Also most themes would lose their "look and feel" on default setting, 'cause it's often combined with the toolbar-layout.

I've created a dark theme, but there're some colors I can't change and so I can't "design" DO the way I want:

  1. Color of scrollbar (not that important)
  2. Bordercolor of statusbar
  3. BG- and textcolors for lister's head (name, size, date,...)
  4. Color of inactive button-text (toolbar)

Here's an unfinished preview:

Ummmm,,,, your screenshot hits the spot. Can you let me know when you're done? I would download that in a second!

That's because instead of actually using themes, people started uploading their whole configuration.
If you used the proper themes system no personal data would be included.

To be honest I never exported a theme (I was unsure what's included), I only saw what happened after importing :slight_smile:.

@DONut: Unfortunately I won't finish as long I can't change the above mentioned colors. This is also an early version and still needs lots of work "behind". Most colors are not customized (e.g. for selected files/dirs, systemfile,...) and the toolbars only use colors (so toolbar-menus look ugly and I would like to have some own borders/shadows).

Edit: You can easily configure it yourself using the colors from the preview. It only took 20 mins. to create it for a 1st usage (without creating toolbar-backgrounds the complete theme could be done in approx. 2 hours).

I think what you're referring to is the same as what Jon commented about... some people were uploading entire OCB/DPS config bundles to provide things not included in a regular THEME package (DLT).

Yes, I know.

Again: If someone can tell me how to change the 4 colors mentioned in my first post I may will release some real themes :slight_smile:.