Mac OS -like "Preview" functionality with DOpus?

Just about the only thing I keep missing from my days with Mac OS is the "Preview" functionality in finder, that makes it very elegant and fast to preview image or audio files.

In case you don't know how it works it's like this: In Finder (the Mac OS default file manager) you can simply press Spacebar once when you have a file selected and a very quick and minimalistic window pops up that has a preview of the files contents. Press Spacebar again and the popup vanishes back.

This simple "press the large button on the keyboard twice to have a peek at a file" is surprisingly useful and elegant, and it beats double-clicking a file with the mouse and the moving over to a window corner to press X to close, hands down.

Has anyone come up with a way to mimic this behaviour in Directory Opus? Specifically using one button (preferably spacebar) to both open and close a viewer program that is selected automatically according to the selected file's extension?


Return will open the selected file by default.

Esc will then close the viewer. You could change the viewer hotkeys so Return closes the viewer as well.

Ah, good tip - works as expected. I'll try to get used to return instead of spacebar.

Thanks, Leo!