MAC OSX Replacement for Finder

I will tell you that the Mac really needs something like this app. The Mac finder sucks and the best runner up is Path Finder and it has no where near the power here.

So it would really be great if you would think about doing such a wonderful ap as this on Mac OSX !!!

i wholeheartedly agree with you! i think mac users would welcome dopus as a finder-replacement! just do it, ain't nothing to it but to do it, etc. etc.

I have had to become re-acquainted with the Mac recently, and yes I agree it would be great to see DOpus on the Mac, but think there may be a better way. How about getting DOpus certified with CodeWeavers so that it could run on both Linux and the Mac? They make software that will allow Windows software to run on both Linux and Mac OSX. It might require a bit of reworking on DOpus, but I suspect the work being done to make it portable would also be most of what is needed to get it to run under each environment. To see more about their Linux certification program look at:

Please Greg and Jon consider this. I think it would be an excellent way to expand the audience you could sell to. Thanks.


I have DOpus4 and DOpus 5 Magellan I/II on Amiga and I have bought DOpus9 for Windows yesterday, I'm Amiga, GNU/Linux, OpenBSD and MacOS-X fan, I'm not very happy using Windows at work (but the server are on GNU/Linux :wink: and I'd be very happy to have DOpus both on MacOSX and on GNU/Linux, I'd buy both of them, DOpus is one of the best piece of software I've ever used.

Bye, Pietro.

I use OSX(@home) and admin Windows(@work) everyday. I'd go crazy without DOpus at work. Finder needs improvement on OSX but it's not horrible. DOpus could be a great fit if done right. PathFinder wouldn't know what hit it.

One of the problems with the Mac market though is that even with the growing crowd of more techy folks(a good thing) there is a loud, obnoxious group that critiques all software in whether it's "Mac-like". If it's not, the software tends to not get far. A lot of Mac folks are very picky about their interfaces. Some of it I understand but some of it is plain ridiculous.

At any rate Directory Opus X for OS X would be awesome to have as a tool. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. :slight_smile:

Another request for OSX support.
One of theings putting me off buying a Mac is not having Opus.
Finder is a piece of cack, worse than Explorer.
But I'd rather it was written for OSX rather than run through COdeweaver or something similar. The reason being OSX has a different file structure.

What would make Opus a killer app on the Mac is if you could use it to browse and copy between OSX and Windows hard drives/partitions invisibly.
At present using both OSs [as many people have to and far more will as more people buy a Mac to use both systems], there is a issue with the OSs not being able to read each other's filing formats. NTFSvs HFS. The get around is to have a Fat 16 partition to place shared data. Not much use to me as I have terrabytes worth of data on many ext drives that are NTFS. So being able to browse it from within OSX would be wonderful.

If Opus is a much better app than Finder, it is, then that will overcome a lot of the non-Macness that the post above thinks may not help.
A lot of Mac-ness is vastly overated/pants.

So it's now 2017 and Cross platform seems to becoming easier and easier all the time.

Would love to use DOpus on my Mac so switching/jumping between operating systems is less jarring.
This would be awesome.

Keep up the great work!

Yes I don't know how easy something like that might be, had a quick look at macs but tbh the only thing that matters is Dir Opus. All the software etc like Adobe suite, Sublime and other stuff is cross platform or replacable. Directory opus is not, from what I have seen the options are really lacking, for a pro.

Anything that I can think of to speed workflow, is possible in Directory Opus, and thats even without the Js scripting etc, I don't even need to go that deep, just stringing some basic commands together, will do all I need.

From what I have seen, a mac alternative at best would have 20pc of the functionality of directory opus. Yikes.

For example, say I think of something...
Like I want 3 buttons on a toolbar, I want to assign 1,2,3 and have them as my quick jump.. sort of project buttons. I want to code them so shift click assigns them as the folder, then I can do it easily, as I go to look does Directory support, global variables, or course it does, does it support saving values offline, of course it does. Thats how to get sh*& done.
Can't see that power in alternative solutions... copied and pasted from a mac discussion... @

Path Finder - $39.95 (30-day trial provided).
TotalFinder - $9 (14-day trial provided).
XtraFinder - Free.
Commander One - Standard version is free, PRO Pack is $29.95.
DCommander - $20.99 (30-day trial provided).
Files - Files Lite is free, the Pro version costs $24.99.
XCommander - $4.99.
Total Manager - $14.99 (trial version provided).
Double Commander - Free.

Microsoft should be unconditionally endorsing Directory Opus and singing its praises from the rooftops as it's single handedly responsible for preventing many potential Windows deserters from moving to the dark side. :sunglasses:

I am now working on a Mac....with Vmware and Windows 10 for the very simple reason that DO is so, so much better than any finder in OSX. I also have Path Finder, but frankly...In the words of Sinéad O'Connor: "Nothing compares to you"

Please, please, please port to OSX.

thank you.

Just like Richard_S, I too am now working on a Mac with VMware Fusion running Windows 10, so that I can use Directory Opus. I too have tried virtually all of the Finder alternatives available to MacOS but none of them have anything like the amazing capabilities of Directory Opus. My main reason for changing to MacOS is that everything just works seamlessly between MacOS, IOS & iPadOS, unlike Windows!

Please, please, please consider starting a program to port Directory Opus to MacOS. Since MacOS is related to Linux, it shouldn't be too hard to port to that OS at the same time.

While I don't care about Linux :upside_down_face:, it would be really nice to see Directory Opus ported to MacOS. MacOS desperately needs a high-quality file manager and I think it should be Directory Opus. It's top-tier. The other contestants are... well, meh level.