MacOS inspired Dark Theme

I have created a Dark Theme inspired by MacOS color palette, with custom icons downloaded from and some of them edited in AI to get what I wanted. This project is best if used as a Restore configuration file, not just as a Theme, which will not getting the custom icons. I have included the Theme file as well, but to get all of the colors, you have to uncheck Visual styles override file selection colors from Display/Option settings. The configuration file is built on default DOpus 12 setup with little tweaks and some new functions.

Since I just love Dopus, I tried here to get a modern, clean and flat visual and I thought maybe somebody else would like to use it and its worth sharing it.

The install process requires some extra steps:

  1. Change the title bar color for the inactive/out of focus windows using a reg file found in the zip attachment (back-up first)
  2. Set Accent Color in Windows Settings as: #202020
  3. Copy all icon files (png) in C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Themes\Icons...
  4. Restore configuration file

Here are a few of my tweaks included:

  • Files modified less than a day ago will be displayed in a light blue color
  • Copy button has some new options, as for example: Copy File Names, Copy Fullpathnames and a bunch of other copy functions
  • Dedicated button for editing selected file with Notepad++
  • Dedicated button for Folder Tree
  • Dedicated button for DOpus integrated advanced Search tool

Please back-up your configuration before importing this one so you can get all back if the tweaks I've made are not for your taste.

MacOS Dark (1.4 MB)


Very nice. Is that a 3rd party dock you are using or have you made the taskbar transparent?

3rd party, called MyDockFinder. You find it on Steam. It brings the animations also.