MacOSX version of DirectoryOpus?

Wow! I'd love a version of DirOpus for MacOSX. Finder is nice, but it lacks many of the features that I love about DirOpus. Currently, I run DirOpus on two systems and it makes Explorer look like an alpha test. :slight_smile:

What are the prospects of porting your amazingly wonderful product to MacOSX!!! It is PPC after all!

I can't speak for GPSoftware, but AFAIK there are no plans for OS X (nor Linux) versions of Opus. Maybe if lots of people prove there's demand and that they'd pay for a version for their OS GPSoft might make one, though, who knows? But a tool like Opus is very tied to the operating system so making a version for another OS would be a lot of work, not to mention a financial risk if there isn't certain demand.


Under linux you had worker and gentoo, they are similar to opus 4 on amiga (old). With the source you could try to compile them on OSX but i don't know if they could be run outside of the X11 environnement.

You could try to port them under OSX cocoa. Good luck.

I lust after a mac version as well, but I imagine it would be a lot of work (but imagine the potential coolness! think of the tweaks that would be nice to have for Spotlight.)

I'm not happy with the Finder nor many of the other Finder alternatives (PathFinder, for example). so this will be on my wish list.

DOpus was my bread and butter on my Amiga 1200! I would LOVE to have access to DOpus on OSX! I'll pay $100 for it.