Make Any image open with Dopus in the Image View

Is there a way to make all images open in the Image Lister Style when you double click on it ?? instead of opening in say win Photo Gallery ??


If you want to associate image files with the Opus viewer then that is easy. See the FAQ: How to use the Opus image viewer outside of Opus

If, instead of the Opus viewer, you want double-clicks on image files to open a new Opus lister with viewer attached then I don't know of a good way to do that. The command Go NEW=viewpane PATH="%1" comes close -- it opens a new lister with the file selected and the viewer open -- but the viewer doesn't show the file until you click on it or push space.

I'm guessing/hoping you meant the first thing not the seocnd. :slight_smile:

Thanks a mil
that is exactly what i wanted !