Make Archive VFS Read-only

Is it possible to make all VFS read-only? I always accidentally move files out of a .zip or rename files in .zip. I hope there can be some warnings/confirmations before any modifications made to archives.

Are there any preferences/options can be turned on?

Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Zip Files / Open Zip files as read-only by default

Thank you for pointing out this! I did some search but I dunno why I didn't found this.

This option is exactly what I want. However, it doesn't apply to other VFS, such as RAR or 7z.

The read-only option is only for zip currently, but we'll expand it to other archive types in the future.

You could use @ifpath and similar in your drag & drop events and toolbar buttons to block them when in archive paths, if that helps. But that is harder to toggle if you don't want them to always be read-only.