Make Directory Opus ignore .zip files launched externally

First of all, I have all .ZIP file support disabled, and no plug-ins are checked (enabled). When I double-click a.RAR archive in Everything Search v1.3.3.658b (x86), WinRAR loads the .RAR archive (which is what I want to happen). However, double-clicking a .ZIP file launches a DOpus lister window, highlighted on that particular .ZIP file. How can I make Directory Opus behave the same as it does when I'm double-clicking a .RAR file?

If Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Zip Files / Make Opus the system default handler for Zip files is turned off then Opus should not be opening zips launched from outside of Opus, unless Opus was assigned as the default zip handler via some other method (e.g. using the Open With menu).

Assigning some other program to be the default zip handler (e.g. using the Open With menu) should make that program the default handler.

(This is assuming that Everything Search is launching the default zip handler, and hasn't been configured to explicitly launch Opus.)