Make filters a more prominent feature

Caveat - I've been using this software for a week. It is, therefore, possible that these feature may already exist.
Filters currently appear stuck within 'Find', with the capability to add and edit.
Situated in a basic dropdown list and without an easy way to remove them.
My filters are a primary feature of my work-flow, with many filters and variants which would benefit from a file folder tree structure and the ability to relocate the function to a preferable position..

In the Light version, Filters are only really useful in the Find Panel (as far as I can think, at least).

They can be used in more places in the Pro version (e.g. when copying and deleting files), and Preferences / File Operations / Filters exists in Pro to let people edit them independently of the Find Panel.

That was quick.
(How) am I able to upgrade?

You can upgrade from Light to Pro for just the price difference here:

is there a feature comparison list somewhere?

First link on that page:

I've upgraded to pro
Thank you

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will I receive a new program certificate?

just found it

One should be in your email. If it hasn't arrived yet, check your spam folder in case it's in there.

got it thanks

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Now that I have installed pro, I can't find the filters which I created in 'lite', or the system for creating filters. Where have they gone?

All defined filters are shown in Preferences / File Operations / Filters. You can also get to them from the drop-down at the top of any filter control.

Found then, thanks, but I don't understand '. . . filter control.' Where do I find filter controls?

See Filtered Operations in the manual.

I think that I asked the wrong question.
Where, in Pro, may I find the 'find tool'?

Tools > Find Files, the same place it was in Light.

thanks again.

dopus currently always on top. where do I change this?