Make Power Mode more persistent

I've been scratching my head for a while about this and think it's more of a feature request than a support/usage issue.

It has to do with the fact that Power Mode always seems to "reset" itself when all listers close.
You can reproduce my behavior by setting a Dual Lister to handle both Source and Target as Power Mode, press the Ctrl-key to get the dotted selection box to its "on" state, (making it visible), close all Listers and then start a new one.
Now what happens is, that the dotted selection box gets reset to its "off" state, so I have to press my Ctrol-key again to get the selection box to appear again.

I'm using the keyboard in as many situations as possible and this behavior makes it a bit awkward to work with.
Don't get me wrong though, DOpus is a fabulous application, it does everything I want so far. Its just the user interaction/intuition parts that I'm having a bit of a struggle with.

PS. I've tried saving Lister settings in all poosible ways I've found, but mayhaps there is some sort of step I'm missing?

Thanks for your time, I appreciate all your efforts.

Settings > Preferences > Listers > Power/Details Mode > Always in Keyboard Mode

Wow, sorry for missing that obvious checkbox. Thanks heaps!

Still, thanks for your help.
I'm just curious about one more thing, then I can't think of another thing that I seem to be missing:

When the dotted selection marker is over an object and I press certain keys, for instance [Delete], nothing happens.
If I first mark it with space, making it a selected file, the [Delete] command is recognized.
Is there a way to get the behavior such as if the selection marker is over a file and I press any key ([Delete], [Insert], [Shift-Delete]) the corresponding command will execute on the selection marked object?

I'm using custom copy/move/rename-keys and the key-presses won't get recognized until I mark the object.

Thanks yet again!

Commands like Delete work on the selected files rather than the one that the cursor/outline is over, so you've got to select a file before you can delete it.

I'm not too familiar with Power mode but, at least in Details mode, if you move the cursor with the keyboard it selects things automatically (unless you hold down Ctrl to avoid it).

iljonaso, for the example of just hitting the delete key when you enter a folder and it does nothing - I guess that would only be a 'problem' if you always only wanted to delete the 'first' file in the folder right? There's not much to do other than maybe bind another key-combo to do a select first before the delete... but then what's the difference between doing that and just hitting space and then delete... ya know?

But for this:

What sort of custom commands are you trying to run and what are you trying to do with them, maybe there's a way to automate the selection in a similar way...