Making a lister live

The hardest thing to get used to in DO 11 is how to make a lister 'live'--i.e. the source lister--in the dual lister horizontal display. In DO 10, one clicked the bar at the top of the display. With DO 11, one has to click the status bar at the bottom. I thus find myself constantly clicking in the wrong place. I suppose one will eventually get used to it, but why was it thought necessary to make this change in the first place? It is true that one can click within the lister itself, but that deselects any files one has previously selected in it.

There are several threads on this already, did you look into these?

There are options under Preferences / File Displays / Border for this.

I use Click on destination's toolbar only changes state myself.

Set file display to source when border buttons are used is also there for something slightly different.

This seems a common point of confusion for users. Might it be easier if the Click on destination's toolbar only changes state option was on by default.

Then people would get confused about why the first time they click the location field nothing happens.