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Making .dis Files


Hello, I just signed up an account on here because I have a series of icons made but have no idea how to make them into a .dis file Iv'e looked through the forum here but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for any ideas?



That link doesn't seem to work for me, and the help button on DOpus doesn't seem to work either. It opens an IP address and shows a blank page, could be something to do with 12.10.


"doesn't seem to work" in what way?


Blank page.


What browser are you using? Do you have javascript disabled?


Firefox and yes Javascript is enabled in about:config


Maybe try another browser?


Yes, that worked oddly enough on Palemoon, thank you.


I get the following error when trying to use the .dis file on DOpus 12.10, 'The specified file is not a valid icon set', I expected as much, though I'm not sure what's going wrong, it could be two things though, namely how I'm making the .dis file by adding the XML file in with the icons in .png format to a folder with the icon set name and changing the archive extension from .zip to .dis here's the content of the folder and archive.


Could you post the .dis file you're trying with? We should be able to fix it.


Will do.

Alphabet Glass.dis (56.1 KB)



  • Everything needs to be at the root level of the zip, but was in a sub-folder.

  • In the XML, there was an extra </set> at the end of the file, which made the XML malformed.

  • Also in the XML, all the icons needed to have row="1" col="1" (since each icon is in a separate PNG file, has one image per file). Before the column numbers were increasing, so only the first icon worked.

Alphabet Glass.dis (54.9 KB)


Ohh nice, thank you for fixing this it means a lot.