Manipulate naming "Copy of <fn>" to "<fn> - Copy of"

When I want to make a spare copy of a file, I select a file and press copy, directly followed by paste.
Now a copy of the file is made in the current dir and named "Copy of ".
I'd like it to be " - copy of", like Windows7 does nowadays.
It keeps the files together when sorted on name.

Is this naming to be manipulated?

I found this thread when looking for the problem, but there never was a satisfying answer:
That's why I try it once more.

Please check this code with caution! It was brought together in hours of trial & error, & actually i donĀ“t know much about this stuff. :smiley:
But it seems to work, so far. Note, that it only should aplly to MP3 files.

@nodeselect Rename PATTERN="Kopie von " TO="\~" FINDREP @nodeselect rename *.mp3 TO "* - Copy of.*mp3"

Sorry, correct code is:

@nodeselect Rename PATTERN="Copy Of " TO="\~" FINDREP @nodeselect rename *.mp3 TO "* - Copy of.*mp3"

For all file types:

@nodeselect Rename PATTERN="Copy of " TO="\~" FINDREP @nodeselect rename *.* TO "* - Copy of.*.*"

Abr, thanks for your reply. This is a rename action which does what I asked for.
Only, it will take me two steps to accomplish the end-result. I hoped it could be done in one step.

For that matter: While copying from source to destination, DO has intelligent renaming as well.
It then adds a number to the file name " (#).".
This would be acceptable for me as well when coping from and to source.

So how to tune this copying naming behavior?

Looking for something else in the help, I came across "RENAMEWHENSAME".
Probably the same situation.


RENAMEWHENSAME can be added to the Copy command (the one for copying files; not related to the clipboard or Clipboard COPY) but it's the Clipboard PASTE command which pastes files from the clipboard so it won't change what that does.

This is not exactly what was asked for, but it comes close.

I hope I've succeeded in attaching File Snapshot.dcf in a manner such that it can be downloaded.

If so, dragging it to a toolbar in customize mode will create a button which will make copies of selected files named similarly to original name_yyyymmdd_hhmmss.original extension.
File Snapshot .dcf (453 Bytes)

Thinking about this a little more, I realize that the original poster wanted to modify the behavior of the standard copy function so may or may not be interested in a solution that involves an additional toolbar button and/or hotkey.