Manual edit to change file name words from lower case to upper case or vice versa

I have a suggestion for what may be a minor, very minor, bug. Sometimes I have named a file and I would like to later change one or more of the words from a lower case leading letter to an upper case. I find that in an existing file name if I want to change one or more letters from lower case to upper case, and do so, and then hit return, the file name does not change. In order to make the change, I must first add a character to the name and save the file name with that added character, and then go back and delete the unneeded character and make the lower case/upper case changes that I had intended. Then it works.

Are you renaming files on an exFAT drive? If so, it's a bug in Windows, not Opus. You'll see the same thing happen in File Explorer and almost every other tool.

Some NAS devices also have the same bug.

Well phooey. It had seemed like an intermittent problem to me but I hadn't tracked down the intermittency. You are correct. On my SSD drives that are NTFS there is no problem. But when I load a temporary drive from Veracrypt that is loaded as a FAT32 the problem arises and it is in both Opus and Explorer.

Problem solved.

As usual I continue to be impressed by Opus and your support. Thanx much.