Manually-added picture metadata not being retained


Are you doing this inside a compression? have you extract the content of archive out to the folder? then only you make changes to Picture's Metadata and check if the metadata changes stays.

Afaik, archived file being open is always stored in a temp folder, any changes you make to them will not be save in archive, as when you open them again, they will just extract from archive again and to another temp folder. Or some archive does not allow editing.


After reading your comments again, I began to get a tad concerned that I had somehow got my hands crossed when I tried the experiment you wanted me too. I decided now I had more time to do the tests again in a more controlled way.

You will be pleased to know that I have managed to reproduce the the problem you are having. I tried to use Opus to copy the metadata from a PNG file I created and filled with metadata. I created some tags in the file and copied the Description field to the Comment field.

I then checked the PNG in Opus and Photoshop. The tags were all present and correct.

I then opened the 0-tags file and used the standard method of copying metadata from my PNG to yours - i.e. copy all picture metadata fields. The tags and the comment field were not copied. Worse still, the tags and comment on my file disappeared.

Several more experiments with files I created and PNG files yielded the same results.

No, you are not losing your marbles, my friend, there appears to be some kind of a problem here.


If you’re referring to the 7-zip I uploaded, no, I am not operating on the files inside of it.


How did you do that? Manually (click in Description & copy, click in Comment & paste) or custom DOpus command or script? Just curious.

I haven’t had any already-existing metadata in a file disappear, so far.

Well, I’m sort of glad to hear I’m not the only one who has problems copying metadata, anyway. Thanks.


I normal add my metadata to pictures using a VB macro I have written. As I did not wish to add an extra variable to this already spiky equation, I used the Opus metadata panel to add the comment field.

A word about the comment field: This field is NOT the same field as the IPTC Description field (aka caption). Because I use the Windows Indexing system to find my files quickly, I have found in necessary to copy the the Description field into the Comment field via my macro, as Windows Search will not search on the Description field but will on the Comment.

Ah, the wonders of metadata!


One of my goals in adding all available metadata to “1_ALL-DOpus-tags.png” was to extract using ExifTool and see where all that metadata actually goes (for PNG files, anyway), which is why I set field values to field names where possible. For example:

DOpus Comment = EXIF:XPComment, XMP:UserComment

DOpus Title = IPTC:ObjectName, XMP:Title

DOpus Tags = IPTC:Keywords, XMP:Subject

DOpus Instructions: IPTC:SpecialInstructions, XMP:Instructions

I don’t suppose you’d mind sharing any of your VB code for dealing with metadata? I’m interested in getting my hands dirty, at least a little bit, but the only scripting I’ve done in Windows is AutoHotkey and some very minor JavaScript (for HTML), and I have no idea where to begin with VB.

Moving to private messages might make sense if you want to discuss code and experimenting on things.

This thread is quite hard to keep track of now, in terms of being about any particular issue. (This often seems to happen with metadata threads. As a general request, can we please try to keep them to a single issue, and resist diverting every metadata thread into a general philosophy of image metadata in future.)

Got it. Sorry.

I think we've finally got to the bottom of this and hopefully will have a fix for it in the next update.

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