Manually Sort Items and Folders Within Folders


just wondering, is it possible in DO to manually move items/folders to higher or lower positions within a folder listing. Kind of similar to being able to drag a bookmark upward or downward in the list position in say Mozilla Firefox. Thanks.

No, arbitrary sorting is not possible at the moment. But it was suggested a couple of times, so it might be considered in a future version.

Ok, thanks

My request was for manual sorting of the extensions within a folder, so that I could sort first by extensions in my chosen order, and then alphabetically. That way, in a folder whose file display goes off the bottom of the screen, I could place the files with the extensions I need all the time at the top, and files with less important extensions at the bottom, and I would not need to scroll up and down.

At the moment, I can only sort extensions alphabetically or reverse-alphabetically, neither of which does what I want.