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  • Map2Web version 1.0 (13.6.2011)

  • Author: Peter Panino

  • Consider the following scenario:

    1. In your file-manager (e.g. DOpus), you select a PHP file, e.g.: W:\MyWebServerRoot\mydomain\test\mytest.php
    2. Then click a button:
    3. Your browser comes up and runs the PHP file from the web, e.g.:
  • I use Map2Web e.g. to test downloaded PHP files: In DOpus I drag them to a sub-directory of my web-server host, then I click a button to run them in the browser. Of course this can be done also with .html files etc.

  • Map2Web maps the path of a local file or of a file inside a mapped network drive or inside a FTP directory (e.g. PHP or HTML file type) from a sub-directory of your web-server to a corresponding web URL using mapping pairs from a configuration file and then opens the mapped URL in the default web-browser. This gives you the convenience to quickly open from the web any file in any directory directly from your file-manager by just clicking on a button, as long as the file path matches a path in the Map2Web configuration file.

  • Map2Web is a portable program and as such does not need to be installed: It can be run from any directory and does not create any files nor does it make any changes to your system.

  • Creating a configuration text file:

    • The configuration file must be named: Map2Web.cfg
    • Map2Web.cfg must reside in the same directory as Map2Web.exe
  • Map2Web.cfg file content example is self-explanatory:


(See the Map2Web.cfg example file).

  • Hint: You can mount any FTP location (e.g. from your web-hosting provider or from your local web-server) as a virtual network drive with utilities like free Gladinet Cloud Desktop ( and other similar programs.

  • Parameter file type:

    • If the parameter is a file (e.g. test.php) the mapped URL of the file will be opened in the browser.
    • If the parameter is a directory: If the directory contains a home file such as index.php or index.html then this home file will be displayed/processed in the browser, according to your web-server settings.
  • The file passed as parameter must be double-quoted if it contains space characters!


  • Unzip the Map2Web zip archive to a directory of your choice.

  • In your file manager (e.g. Directory Opus) create a method to launch Map2Web.exe with the desired file as parameter, e.g.:

    • In Directory Opus (
      • First create a button such as: (don't forget to adjust the path to your Map2Web.exe)
<?xml version="1.0"?> Map2Web #newcommand @nolocalizefiles Map2Web.exe {filepath}
- Then adjust the content of the provided Map2Web.cfg example file to your needs as explained above.
- Then select the desired file or directory and click the button. (194 KB)


its similar to the button/hotkey that i made: