Mark / Delete duplicate in parent folders


duplicate files in both 'subfolder' and 'lastfolder'
where lastfolder is a subfolder of 'subfolder'


i.e. filex.jpg is both in \subfolder as well as in \lastfolder

I want to delete all the dups in the \subfolder only.

When I have the 'delete mode' on and search for duplicates, regretfully the files in the \lastfolders are marked for deletion.

As there are many duplicates, it is too much timeconsuming to manually select/deselect the files that should in fact be deleted.

Am not sure, but I have not found an option allowing users to define which location where the dups can be deleted ?
(or define the location where the dups should be kept)

Any ideas?

After finding the duplicates, sort (or reverse-sort) by the Location column and then click the Select button (in the Duplicate Files utility panel) so make it re-calculate which files should be deleted.

Opus will always choose to keep the first file of each duplicate group and mark the others for deletion. So if you sort the files so that the folder you want comes first then you should get what you want.

This worked fine. Honestly wud not have figured this out myself...
Thanks again...