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Mark the locked state of the tab


Now when the tabs are locked, the icon of the lock is displayed. If there are a lot of locked tabs, it takes up a lot of space and is not very harmonious compared with no lock.

Can Opus replace the lock icon with a different color of the folder? Red, green, and blue replace the lock icon for the three functions.
Add an option to Preferences to choose the color and lock icon. Correspondingly, make the corresponding changes in the right-click menu of the tabs.
Snipaste_2019-04-07_14-23-311 Snipaste_2019-04-07_14-23-31

The X icon can be hidden and replaced with a double click. The icon of the lock should also find a replacement solution.


I accidentally noticed that the red cross on the network drive has been removed in real time.

Thank you very much for your efficient and excellent work.

If Opus can hide the lock icon on the tab, it is great to mark different lock states by color or other methods (not taking up space).