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Marking a post as a solution

I don't see any ... button. Is there a setting that has to be tweaked to make this available?

Hmm. I see a ... button on my post (above), but not on yours.

It looks like this:

When you expand it, it looks like this:

As I said, I see the ... option on my own posts but not on other people's posts. In case it's browser related I tried another browser with the same results.

What about in a thread that you’ve started?

Same. I get the dots on my own posts but not on anyone else's.

Ah I see, you don't need to expand it - the checkbox option is there already for you.

Thanks @jon. I see that the checkbox is indeed there for posts that I started. Interestingly it is not available to me for this thread which was created by you with me as first poster. Admittedly an unusual occurrence but it prevents me from giving you the credit you deserve! :smiley:

"Mark as solution" is only enabled in the Help & Support area, and only appears if you started the thread. (Moderators can see it on all posts.)