Marking Posts Read

I have 26 items listed as not being read, 25 now. Yes, I'm still learning how to use this new forum. I'm pretty sure I've read most of them. I went into the first 2 and both I had read ages ago and yet even after I exited from them a 2nd time they still appeared as unread. I went back into the first one and changed Following to Muted and that took it off the list. Is this what you must do to get them off your unread list?

Just reading them should be enough. You might need to scroll through the whole thread, not just view the first or l last post, for it to consider everything read.

If you mute a thread, you'll never receive notifications about it again, and it may also exclude it from the recent threads list (not sure on that point). So don't mute anything unless you don't want to see any replies to it.

I stayed on the page, I hovered over the last post, there was only my initial and a response. Which was why I decided to mute it I didn't know what else to do.

My experience is similar to Leo's.

I did there's only 2 replies inside the entire post when I land on the page the first post is visible and I scrolled to the 2nd and hovered over it and click on, etc.

So there is an original post plus two replies, a total of three posts, right? I don't really know anything about this, but did you scroll through all three?

No there's 2 posts and yes I been through both.

As a matter of interest what browser are you using? On PC? Tablet? Phone?

I'm using Brave which is a chrome-based browser. Interesting as I hadn't thought about the browser being a problem but because of privacy protections in this browser some pages don't load properly. Sometimes videos don't appear or I get a message about page blocking, although rare. Other problems may slip by without any notification but I wouldn't necessarily notice them because I'm usually reading or submitting simple forms.

I use this browser on both my laptop and Android but this particular case is on my laptop.

Until a recent switch to Firefox (doesn't everyone change browsers from time to time?) I was using Brave daily and can't recall having any problem with threads being marked as read as long as I traversed to the end of the thread. If your problem persists it might be worth trying another browser to see if the behaviour changes.