May have found a bug with function Delete QUIET

  1. I have ZIP files in folder "A"

  2. I have this script function set to a hotkey combo CRTL+E
    Delete QUIET

  3. While it's still extracting, click on folder "B"

  4. Folder B get's deleted after the ZIP files are extracted.

Is this the expected behavior? I think OPUS should "remember" where the action was launched and only delete the ZIP files. This works if you stay in folder "A".

I'm surprised it's doing that rather than remembering what was selected when it was run, unless there's something about the extract command which makes it reevaluate the selection.

When I'm back at my PC, I'll see if I can reproduce this and if so work out why it's happening. If needed, it should be easy to work around using a short script for the button, but I need to reproduce it and investigate first.


I couldn't reproduce this at first until I realised you were probably launching the hotkey from the file display, but then selecting folder B in the folder tree (not the file display).

I can reproduce it with the folder tree. You can fix that by adding NOFROMFOCUS to the Delete command:


The default for the Delete command is to check if the folder tree has focus first and then, if the tree doesn't have focus, look at what is/was selected in the file display second. In hindsight, maybe there should be an argument to turn that on, rather than one to turn it off. But adding NOFROMFOCUS should fix things.

Commands already remember the file display selection when they start running, but they don't currently take a snapshot of which window has focus, which can cause unexpected issues if you queue up commands that work on the folder tree (not many do, at least by default). Maybe we can snapshot the tree/focus state as well. We need to look at that in more detail.

Thanks Leo!