Maya IFF

The plugin allows you to view Maya .IFF files in the Opus viewer pane.

(Note that Maya IFF files are different to the Amiga IFF ILBM format which Opus handles internally. The plugin will not break IFF ILBM support and once installed you can view both types of IFF files without doing anything special.)

Go to the plugin's webpage for more information:

If you're using Opus 10 and want to export this plugin to USB, make sure you've got the latest version. This was put out in February, before Opus 10 was released, and I forgot to mention it until now.

Version (18th February 2011):

  • Update to enable the plugin to support USB export with Opus 10.

Version (3rd August 2009):

  • Small internal change. Unlikely to make a difference but update if you feel like it.

Version (21st May 2009):

  • Potential speed-up when viewing files flagged as "slow." (Probably only affects files passed to the plugin from an FTP site.)

Version (29th August 2008):

  • Images with 16-bits per sample now have the right depths reported back to Opus.

Version (29th August 2008):

  • Initial release.