Maybe it's just me, but Dopus looks..."odd"

Somebody please help!

Dopus has been my file manager since version 5. I just upgraded from version 9 last night, and I'm starting to feel sorry I did.

Version 10 of Dopus just doesn't look good - there seems to be additional space between the lines of type in the folder tree and in the files area. Changing fonts doesn't help - there's just too much space in there. What happened???

Also, when I try to change icons, the only choice I get is "image files" - no way to select dll's, etc. How do I change the icons now???

(Please ask one question per thread.)

  1. Turn off Preferences / Display / Options / Use visual style to draw items (Vista/Win7 only, overrides selection colors).

  2. In the dialog for selecting a file, use the type drop-down (next to the filename, just above Open and Cancel). One of the three options will hide DLL files; the others both show them.

Excellent! Now displays perfectly!

Many thanks....