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Maybe off topic, some EXIF question

I just came across the topic "shutter count" for digital cameras. Is that a hidden EXIF information, or somehow a secret information of the camera manufacturers, only available to them, or special web sites? Or would it even be possible, to add that EXIF item to the standard overview in Opus? I guess, there is no standard way to interpret the data.

Shutter count is camera specific and whether it's in the exif should be model/manufacturer specific.
Some manufacturers might add it to the exif, I did not encounter this data by accident yet though, shutter count is probably a thing, which is only available via entering service menu on the camera, but in case you find it in the exif-data of your camera (via exiftool.exe "dump" e.g.), then you could use:

to make a quick column out of that.

Thanks! I'll check that. I am not even sure, if that data is available for mirrorless cameras. The examples i saw in the web were all about DSLRs. Let's see.



May be worth a look:

shutter count is available in mirrorless cameras, but is rarely found in pictures' EXIF data.

If you want to examine a camera your best option is to hook it up to a Linux machine and probe it with Gphoto2.

Un-mount the camera and run in a terminal:

gphoto2 --auto-detect


gphoto2 --get-config /main/status/shuttercounter

Thanks, guys. I own several cameras, but mainly Panasonic/Olympus. Ixp, sounds interesting, but i have no linux machine in reach. :beer::beers: