Meanwhile on the MacOS side of the internet

Read this article/blog post on Medium about how "files are going extinct".

The author described how he experienced the early DOS, the music players, the iPhones, then Macs, then the online services where everything is just an hypertext link.

He went so far as to write "I just want my file browser back" and point to Explorer as the shining thing upon the hill.

The comments mostly agree, with some saying this is the reason they can't stand anything from Apple. Another says if he could he would download the article, print it or email it as an attachment, but this would go counter to the platforms expectation of generating more views, so no one told him how to do it and he does not know how.

Another mentions the reliability (or lack) of keeping the files yourself. One mistake and you could lose it all: a thunder-strike or a faulty cable and all your data can be gone in seconds. But, I say, even if "the cloud" promises higher reliability, cases of total data loss for losing a password or the hosting company going bankrupt aren't unheard, so there are pros and cons for both models in this area.

Opus wasn't mentioned, no. People seemed more interested in the playfulness of how the piece was written and in joining the chorus of complaints than in asking for a solution. Too bad for them, I guess.

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Here's a Link to the article you mentioned.

Every time I think of when I was on that awfull platform. in my heart, my belief in the existance of god grows.

For he hath truelly delivered me from my troubles,