Media Preview (video thumbnails)

Generates meaningful thumbnails of video files by skipping ahead until it finds a bright, detailed scene to capture. Works fine in DOpus, but you lose the awesome "reel" border. It has its own border that works in Explorer, but not DOpus...

Works with MKV!

Anyone try this? In my case it works really well for the windows native file explorer, so they all look great, but in DOpus 11 I get very inconstant results. Some display, some don't, regardless of the file type: AVIs, MKVs, MP4s, M4Vs, Etc. any suggestions?

I've been using it under Dopus10 and now Dopus11, and it's been working flawlessly with all videos.

Under the Media Preview Configuration -> File Formats tab. do you have all selected?

Under Dopus: Settings -> Viewer -> Viewer Plugins. do you have the "movie" plugin UNchecked?

Those are the settings I use.

I have the most recent version: 1.4 which does not have a "file formats" tab. It does have a "video formats" tab, and yes, all are selected. I checked the viewer plugins and it is also checked. Somehow it works for some, but does not work for most. If you have any other suggestions, it would be great!

From my testing Icaros is much faster. Just uncheck flv since that has an issue with Opus.

Oh, sorry. I guess I'm a little out-dated :slight_smile: I'm on If you can't get this to work, maybe it's 1.4 causing it?

Did you mean "unchecked"? Because mine is unchecked. I'm NOT using the Dopus Movie plugin.

I was using Icaros before as well. not working on .flv's was a big downside for me. I might not be remembering correctly, but I also don't think Icaros skips a % of the movie to get the thumbnail. That was a huge plus for me to use Media Preview. I like my thumbnails to come from the middle of the movie, not the first non-black frame. Again, I might not be remembering correctly and maybe Icaros does do that.

The flv is just properties not thumbnails. You specify the offset. Run as administrator, deactivate, change settings, activate.

Hello again. Ok, so i've tried Icaros and I'm having the same result. Some work and some don't. HOWEVER, i believe I've made some progress because I've found some differences between the videos that work and the ones that don't. for my video folders I have the "dimensions", "bit rate" and "aspect ratio" columns enabled. ALL the videos that work do not show any values in those columns. ALL the videos that don't work DO show values. See attachment (this attachment does not have bit rate or aspect ratio columns, just dimensions).

Notice how the top half does not have values and the thumbnails look great! But, the bottom half, S01e28 and below all display the same thumbnail image. So I'd like to know how DOpus generates this value? is it a tag? or is it just detecting and then placing it there. If it is detecting, then why is it only detecting those? if it's a tag, where is it? Can I remove these values? if I go to the properties, in the details tab the values are all the same except for the frame rate. Should I post this question in the help and support section?
What do you guys think?

Nice description.
I downloaded the program.
Now, how do I get it to work in the viewer pane of DOpus ???
Thanks in advance for replying.

This major Icaros update fixes the issues with Opus--at leat for me.

Main new changes and features:

  • Property Handler completely rewritten in C++
  • Added support for MP3, Speex, TrueAudio, OptimFROG, and Wav properties
  • No .NET dependency or any other dependencies for any of the shell extensions
  • Fixed .NET error in the event log while indexing properties (Message ID: 0x2509)
  • Fixed crash in Metro File Picker
  • Fixed property indexing on Windows 8+
  • Fixed handling of AVI properties on Windows 8+
  • Fixed handling of MKV properties on Windows 10
  • Improved registration of property handler
  • Can now read and manage multiple tags in files
  • Improved many of the property parsers
  • Now fully conforms to MS guidelines

Implemented features that have not yet been activated (due to lack of testing):

  • Property editing of the following filetypes:
    Flac, MP3, Ape, Mpc, Tak, Tta, Ofr, Ofs, Wv

  • Following tags can be editted:
    ID3v1, ID3v1.1, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, ApeTag, VorbisComment

  • Custom properties are now localizable

Icaros 2.3.0 Beta 1 Installer: Download
Icaros 2.3.0 Beta 1 Portable: Download