Memory Leak with non empty Trashcan


I think, I may have run into an issue in latest version 12.23 of DOpus.
I have a lister layout, which has the windows trashcan as a locked tab.

Now, if I delete something, DOpus process starts allocating memory. I only realized, because yesterday it got so bad, that my system started acting weirdly. Looking into the issue, I found a 10GB DOpus process still increasing its memory allocation. It only stopped after the Trashcan got emptied.

Cheers and thanks for your great work and all the continued effort, you invest into DOpus. Without it my life wouldn't be the same.

Edit: One additional info, the effect gets worse the more stuff is in the trashcan.

Does the same thing happen to explorer.exe if you open Recycle Bin in File Explorer and do the same things? We don't handle that folder ourselves so most aspects of it should be inherited from the shell, and be similar in Explorer.

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I am so sorry. Yes, you are right. Indeed the Explorer seems to leak memory. I can reproduce it there as well. And there are even threads to be found with other people having the same issue in Win10 (plus MS not properly reacting...). Sorry for blaming you in the first place, I should have known better.
Anyway, thanks for the quick reply and the perfect hint.


TL;DR: @ DOpus team, no further efforts from you are needed. I just wanted to add some info.

Sorry, didn't mean to bump this thread again. I actually planned to add this to the first post, but unfortunately I wasn't able to find the edit option for my previous posts (probably because they have been posted too long ago?).

I just wanted to add a bit of additional information for anybody reading this thread and suffering from the same issue. The leaking trashcan in current Win10 version really is annoying, if you belong to the "lucky" ones with a system configuration susceptible to the issue. Just forget a few files of a few KB went into the trash and after a few hours there's a 5GB explorer (or in our case DOpus, though DOpus is not to blame) process.

Today I finally found some hope in an Insider Preview announcement from Microsoft about a month ago: Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21343 | Windows Insider Blog

Among Fixes:
"We fixed a memory leak when interacting with the Recycle Bin."

I am not part of the insider program, nor do I have intentions to play even more beta tester for Microsoft than I am already doing as user of their stable releases. So I can not yet confirm, that this will fix the issue. But at least now I have regained some hope.

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