Menu Bar vs. Toolbars

It seems to me that a prior convention in Windows apps is that the Menu Bar contains all the functions, and toolbars act as quick access to chosen functions, and I think this was true in Dopus 12. That doesn't seem so in Dopus 13. Example: create a New Folder only exists under the New Folder toolbar button, but not in the Menus (where it tends to be in other programs). Was this a design decision because Dopus has so many functions? It runs a risk of the user losing access to a common function if they modify a toolbar.

The toolbars and menus in Opus 12 are similar to Opus 13, just with a few new commands added in 13. The way they're organised hasn't changed in a while.

In the new defaults, we got rid of the entry in the file menu which copies the context menu for the current folder. That's the only place I can think of where a New Folder option was in the menus before. (Those items could produce a lot of noise due to all the random things that add themselves to them, and nothing in there was that useful or the best way to do anything, so we got rid of it by default.)

Thank you.