Menu & Button Search Expansions

@leo & @jon

i'd like to make a feature request that i feel many of us would find helpful...

...of expanding the great search functionality of the the Prefs panel to include menus & toolbar buttons (at least this area) and\or the hotkeys & commands of the Customize panels as well, from search window that already on the main menu toolbar.

ive been spending a lot of time in text editors recently. NotePad++ has this features as a plugin and it great! GitHub - peter-frentrup/NppMenuSearch: Notepad++ Menu Search Plugin
Not only does it serach the text in the 3 or 4 settings panels but also the the text in the plugins\extentions, most of which have there own settings panels.

seeing this more apps rectenly, most of them call it a "command panel". vs code, obsiaian, and markdown monster have similar search bars on the front GUI that search both settings, files & commands.

you guys have been going in that direction with the > command bar expansions in v13.

which are great! im love it!

this is were i start trailing off topic off from my original request idea...
just today came up with a simple way to send\open files using the > command box via creating UserCommands that are nearly just copy & paste of the bottons on my custom apps bar.......

i'll ramble about that on another post soon


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I will second this suggestion/request. Not knowing what I don't know (????) what this awesome software can do and all of the available bells and whistles hidden all over the myriad of menus and toolbars is a problem I would be willing to guess 80% of it's users have. I think this would not only assist people finding something they are actively looking for but also reveal to a user how limitless the customization of DOpus really is.

Just my two cents. Well, maybe cent and a half.

The Customize panel already lets you search it.

agreed. i went nuts reworking, the main main menu, moved everything from operations up, creating new menus with customs functions.... now if i i can just remember in which menu i put that button....?? LOL

i use search bar in NPP all the time, their menus and prefs panels are extensive like dopus'. its surface level text search is instant and spot on.

It would be awesome if we could search (without opening customize), and even restrict searches to a toolbar(s) using a new search field that could be added to a toolbar.

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