Menu command to go to Top/Bottom of a Lister

I want commands that I can add to my Lister right-click menu that takes me to the top or bottom of a Lister. I'm aware the Home and End keys do this, but I'm trying to keep my hand on the mouse when navigating long windows. I can't find built in commands that do it and I'm wondering if I have to the SendKeys method, but I can't figure out how to set it up.

Try Select FIRST and Select LAST.


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Middle-clicking the column header now scrolls to the top of the file display (or bottom, if already at the top). Lets you quickly change sort order and jump to the top by clicking with the left and then middle buttons, without moving the mouse.

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Thank you very much. I knew there had to be a simple solution. If you wonder how I missed it, it's because my brain thinks this is a Navigation or Go to situation and not a Selection situation.

That's good news and I look forward to it. I've actually wondered why DOPUS doesn't put screen navigation commands Top/Bottom in the right-click menu of scroll bars.

It’s fewer clicks to drag the scrollbar (unless dragging is a problem due to hands/muscles, of course).

FWIW, I have spare mouse buttons bound to Ctrl Home/End which are useful for jumping to the top or bottom. I use them for web pages, but they’d work in Opus as well. (In Opus I middle click the column header, or drag the scrollbar, unless my hands are already on the keyboard.)

It turns out the standard scrollbar context menus were accidentally being blocked in the file displays, but in the next beta they'll be available: