Menu commands not wanted

hello all, and sadly im back with need of more help. such is life.......................!

if you look at this image it shows an OD menu structure screen shot

if you look at ths file is shows a zoomed in area of this menu structure

well now my problem is. i dont want this particular zoomed in menu group, but try as i may again i cant find how to remove it and again reading through the OD help files is like wading through a swamp of goo. not fun. very hard to understand........

but asking you people at OD generally elicits a quick successful reply

so please help me.
my thanks
philip jh

Those aren't the standard menus, so you can remove them the same way you added them:

Settings > Customize Toolbars

Right-click whatever you want to delete and select Delete.

Click OK in the Customize window to save the changes and switch out of toolbar editing.

(This is documented in the manual in the sections on Customize and Editing The Toolbar.)