Menu that shows only the Last Visited Folders?

This button shows in ONE overcrowded menu both:

  • the Favorite Folders
  • the Last Visited folders


This menu occupies the whole screen height making the section of the Last Visited folders very small.

Is there a button that shows a menu of ONLY the Last Visited folders at full-screen height?

That menu includes SmartFavorites which isn't the same thing as the last visited folders. Recent Folders would be more similar.

You can add either list to a menu on its own if you want. Dragging one of the pre-made items in the Go category of the Customize > Commands tab to your toolbars is the easiest way:

Hi Leo,

Thank you very much for the information.

Is there also a menu of the folders I visit most often?

That's what SmartFavorites are for, one of the two examples above.

Hi Leo, thanks again.

  1. Is it possible to increase the number of items in the Recent Locations menu and in the Smart Favorites menu?

  2. I need an extra Recent Locations menu button showing only the recently visited sub-folders inside a specific directory.

Are these two features available?

Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Recent List

The Recent command has a PATH argument for that.

Thanks, Leo,

However, the Recent button Command Editor doesn't seem to have a field for entering a PATH argument:


I've discovered the "secret" way to open the Advanced dialog. It does work well:


Perhaps it's confusing for the user that TWO different Command Editor dialogs are accessible by different methods.

You're getting confused there. One dialog is for editing the appearance of a menu. The other dialog is for editing a button that runs a command. Nothing secret or unusual being discovered here, nor are you looking at the "Advanced" dialog (you get that by clicking the button that says "Advanced" at the bottom of your screenshot).

Your syntax is also incorrect. If you use a = between argument name and parameter, there should not be any spaces before or after it. The command should be either:

Recent PATH="C:\Delphi"


Recent PATH "C:\Delphi"

(Quotes are optional if the path doesn't contain spaces, but it's a good habit to include them so you don't have to think about what's in the path.)

Sorry for sinning against the DirectoryOpus syntax rules :wink: The syntax I used works despite the spaces (thanks to the built-in syntax tolerance). Thanks for the free syntax lesson, though! However, you should rethink the user interface!

Happy Easter!

Well you’re obviously the expert, I just wrote parts of the program.


Is it not allowed to make some suggestions? DOpus is an excellent application. But even excellent applications profit from user suggestions. Please don't be offended if a user makes a suggestion. (Perhaps I should change my avatar picture so it does not scare people).