Menus move to other monitors due to Actual Multiple Monitors

I have a 3 monitor system. When my monitors were 2560x1600 left, 3840x2160 (4k) center, and 2560x1600 right - DOpus 10 worked fine. I upgraded thinking that surely by now this would be fixed since 4k is so popular now.

Now that I have all three monitors at 4K (no font scaling), When DOpus is on the left or right monitor, every time a menu is displayed, it shows briefly on that monitor, then it is repositioned to the main monitor. (The main monitor being my center monitor). This happens for the main program menus, and context menus. There are also issues with dialogs being forced to the main center monitor.

Windows 7, just upgraded from DOpus 10 to 12.

We've been using similar setups for years, including back on Windows 7 without issues.

Do you have any "multi-monitor" tools installed that might be moving windows around, perhaps because they think the program's main window is on another monitor?

(It's most likely a third party tool moving the menu after it opens, since Opus only positions menus before opening them, never once they're already visible.)

Ah, yes. It's Actual Multiple Monitors causing the problem. I'm trying to put in an exception, but I don't know the window class name for the DOpus menu. Can you provide that?

Best to report the problem to them so they can fix it properly. Their tools have been causing people a lot of problems lately, and you shouldn't have to exclude individual processes or classes to stop them breaking things. If what they're doing is so unreliable, it should probably work on an inclusion list rather than an exclusion list.

The class names may be dopus.button.display or dopus.button.display.popup

Thanks for the tip. I updated Actual Multiple Monitors to the latest version and it seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for making the best Windows application ever!